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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  November 4, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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that may be right for you. with some plans, you can enroll right over the phone. don't wait. call now. >>megyn: thank you for watching, everybody, "studio b" with shephard smith starts right now. >>shepard: the news begins anew, today after weeks of graphic testimony about the definite of michael jackson, it is up to the jury to decide whether this man killed this man. is he guilty? fox is outside the courtroom coming up. but, first, from band new poll on the g.o.p. race and he is doing mighty well. republican voters are responding to the herman cain sexual harassment scandal. >> plus, teen aid doll justin beiber speak out about the older woman would claims he is her baby daddy. and, now, the police may be getting involved. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. >> but, first from fox at 3:00
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in new york city, jobs. the labor department releasing encouraging news that suggests things could be headed in the right direction. keep in mind we are not out of according to the feds the american economy added 80,000 jobs in october slightly below early expectation but it did, but added to september and august and it was enough to nudge the rate down from 9.1 percent to 9 percent even and that indicates the risk of a double dip recession could be waning. today, president obama who is in france for meetings with the leaders of the 20 largest economies, welcomed the news. but the president also chided lawmakers saying they were not doing enough to create more jobs. listen. >> my hope is folks back home including those in the united states senate and the house of representatives when they look at the job numbers which were positive but indicate once again the economy is growing way too
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slow, that they think twice before they vote "no" again on the only proposal out there right now that independent economists say would actually make a dent in unemployment right now. >>shepard: the president said the economy is still quite fragile and the slightest hiccup globally could put the games at risk. and now wendell with the president in cannes. >>reporter: the president and his aides said the european debt crisis is creating a global head wind that is keeping the united states and other economies from creating as many jobs as they might. yesterday, the president said resolving the crisis was the main goal of the summit here in cannes and said they did make progress. >> what we are doing at the g-20 mirrors our efforts back home.
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that is, how do we shrink deficits in a way not to slow the recovery. >>reporter: europe will have to rely on european money to end the debt crisis and chancellor merkel says that no non-european countries in the g-20 including the united states, agree to contribute. >>shepard: what about the flip-flop on the greek's part regarding their bailout? >>reporter: will, finding a way out the greek tragedy was an essential element to ending the european debt crisis. the president says that all the elements are in place but they still remain to be implemented the greeks get their money now that the people will no longer vote on the budget cuts that prime minister papandreou agreed to. >> the general approach which involves a voluntary reduction on the part of those who hold the broke's debt, reducing the
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obligation of the broke government, greece continues with reforms and structural change, that is the right recipe. >> that may be the right recipe for europe but the wrong recipe for papandreou, the broke people don't like the salary and pension cuts they fates, and the prime minister facing a vote of no confidence tonight and some of his own party members wanted him to step down. >>shepard: live with the president in france in cannes, thank you wendell. the european economy is hanging on by a thread but make no mistake it could have a major effect on the economy here in the united states. for more on that we go to associate editor of baron's. how do you see this, now? >>reporter: it is more sure than when we thought the broke citizens would have to vote there is a no-confidence vote pending right now and we will hear later today how that goes
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but as far as the united states economy and what it means, the european countries are almost engineering an economic slow down with the austerity plans so we are not looking to europe for growth, for exports from the united states or anything like that. that is one more negative but a slight negative the the bigger risk is that the whole debt debate gets out of hand and the italian situation starts to mimic the greek situation and we have another bout of banking worries, both for the big u.s. banks and european banks. >>shepard: even with the bailout, should it go through, as it appears it will, that is not necessarily a "fix" for greece and with italy sitting not wings you wonder where it ends. >>reporter: it is not a fix but it is moving in the right direction. the european central bank is lowering interest rates and making gestures that they take it seriously. the authorities are not doing enough to satisfy the markets or to make it seem a long-term solution is in place but they are attempting to meet each challenge as it comes up.
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>>shepard: what is barron's analysis of jobs right now? it looks like it is getting better. is that accurate? >>reporter: they are. actually, at a similar pace as in the early 1990's after that recession, and in the early 2000. last year produced the same number of jobs as we did at this point in 2004 and before that but we lost so many more jobs that it feels much worse, therefore, the unemployment rate is where it is. we are still looking at a slow and steady improvement but it will not feel satisfying. and each time we have a good economic growth number, oil prices shoot up and get in the way. oil prices are up 20 percent the last month so all this is making for a muddled through type economy. >>shepard: we have been reporting all week when the job numbers came out expectation was on the part of almost all analysts that unemployment rate would stay at 9.1 percent but it went down to 9.30 percent. should we be excited?
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>>reporter: that is just noise for only one month but we obviously would rather see it go down. >>shepard: thank you, mike, from barron's. fox news is america's election headquarters and the businessman, herman cain, is rising in a brand new presidential poll despite being caught up in a sexual harassment scandal. or accusations. the latest "washington post" and abc poll pulls him in a tie with romney disasterring the evening after the scandal broke so it is representative. but sport for herman cain remains steady through. and seven and ten republicans saying reports of the administrations will not affect which candidate gets their votes. mike is in washington, dc this afternoon. mike, herman cain and all of his top aides trying to get back on message today. 9-9-9. >>reporter: right. the herman cain chairman said it
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is the last time he would address the controversy and mr. cain spoke to a conservative group in washington and suggested some of this has to do with the fact she doing so well in the polls. here he is trying to get back to his message which has powered the campaign. >> i never held high elected office before. i'm a businessman! because, you see, the politicians, they want to propose stuff. that will get or have a chance of being passed. businessmen who proposal solutions that will fix the problem. >>reporter: cain received a warm reception for americans for prosperity and was comfortable making the case. >>shepard: romney laid out his plans for the deficit. details? >>reporter: he called it aggressive, honest, and realistic and achievable goal
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dozen cut spending here in washington. here is romney talking about the cuts he would make by the end of the first term. >> reduce spending to 20 percent of g.d.p. by the end of my first term. (applause) and then i'll cap it at that level. and, further, i'll put us on a path to a balanced budget and a constitutional amendment that requires government to spend only what it answers. >>reporter: as part of that romney will repeal president obama's health care law and would privatize amtrak and reduce subsidies for the national endowment for the arts and he would like to reduce foreign aid. >>shepard: thank you, mike, from washington newsroom. right now all dr. conrad murray can do is wait. the jury in the case decides his fate. the question here, did dr. conrad murray kill michael jackson? or did michael jackson kill himself? arthur and randy are here. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up!
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>>shepard: the fate of michael jackson's personal doctor is in the hands of the doctor, and will decide if dr. conrad murray is responsible for michael jackson's death. they began deliberating three hours a day after passionate closing arguments. prosecutors painted the doctor as a money hungry opportunist who did not care about the pop star's safety when he prescribed a long list of powerful medicines including the hospital strength drug propofol. and the defense lawyers say the evidence is clear that anything meg gave himself the final dose. propofol is in no way indicated
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for the treatment of insomnia, and if 2010 it is an experiment, it surely was an obscene experiment on june 25, 2009. >> they want you to convict dr. conrad murray for the actions of michael jackson. if there were anyone else but michael jackson, anybody else, would this don't be here today? >>shepard: the closing capped off weeks of testimony. the prosecution delayed, rather, displayed in court many of the drug vials he used while treating michael jackson and the jury heard the singer in his own words weeks before he died talking to his doctor with very slurred speech. (inaudible)
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>>shepard: if the jury convicts dr. conrad murray for involume manslaughter he could lose his medical license and get a maximum sentence of four years behind bars. and now, adam, live outside the courthouse in downtown los angeles. how long is this going to go? do we have any indication? >>reporter: there are a lost legal analysts that say the jury will come back today because there is only one count they have to decide. of course, no one knows unless you are in the room. we know that they have deliberate sod far for 3 1/2 hours and they began at 8:30 this morning, took a break for coffee and 10:30 and they took their lunch break. that could mean they are close. that could mean they are nowhere near close. they are taking a lunch break until 1:30 and 4:30 eastern. they have to first, when they start deliberations, pick pick a foreman and then it up is to them as they go over the one count they have to decide.
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>>shepard: still kind of a zoo outside the courthouse, a circus, at least. >>reporter: we have a camera to give you an idea. we will have a two hour warning when they have coughed their decision whenever that is. people come and go here right now, and when that two hour wanting this crowd will swell even larger than it already is. they have had horns, people in crown suits, a massive banner, and michael jackson impersonators of all ages, sizes, shapes, you name it, they are out here right now and there are still four or five people here in favor of dr. conrad murray getting off, they tend to get verify bell abused several times throughout the hour but they are standing strong as this continues long. a to hour warning before the jury will then come into the courtroom and tellen what they have decided. >>shepard: the lawyers are sitting ready to yell at each other. do you have strong feelings?
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very strong? as strong as that suit? >>randy: stronger. >>shepard: right after this. no, no, i just paid my car insurance bill -- ou [ man whistles ] sounds like somebody paid too much. excuse m they showed me a range of coverages, and i picked the one that worked for me. i saved hundreds when switching. hureds? who are you? just a man that loves savings... and pie. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive.
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shepard: the trial against michael jackson's lawyer has goneo the jury and deliberations are underway. they are meeting now. and now the lgal panel is mere, fox news legal anist, arthur aidala and defense attorney randy zelin. >>arthur: i don't know. i didn't think, the defense, they needed to hit the ball out of the ballpark, not a home run or a grand slam. the main point, the strongest point was, if it was anyone who died beside michael jackson this
12:21 pm
would not be going on. he does not have a lot to move on to. that is the strongest point. randy? >>randy: arthur, there are three compelling reasons why there should be a hung jury, if not an acquittal. keep in mine there are a number of jurors on the case would had family members die of alcoholism, who have family members who were alcoholics which means they know about enabling and if you enable someone that does thought make you a murderer. so, here is what you have, point one, hold on, arthur, point one, they have not proven how. they have not proven when, so they have not proven who. to believe the prosecution's view you have to believe that dr. conrad murray was a predator and he sought michael jackson out. that he was -- it was the other way around. hold on. hold on. they sought him out. dr. conrad murray was a patsy a guy they knew would say yes.
12:22 pm
and, number three, the prosecution's own expert said i can't rule out that michael jackson didn't do it to himself and anyone who knows michael jackson, even the fans know, no one tells michael jackson what do do. that is why. >>arthur: your summation was better than the sum place of the defense attorney, all the prosecution has to do, shepard, the judge instructed them on the law, it doesn't matter if michael jackson gave it to himself. the fact that the doctor left the room every expert on both sides -- do you agree that is the appropriate charge? >>randy: it is the wrong charge. it will be reversed. >>arthur: the standard of care is anyone on propofol can never be left alone. period. amen. there has to be a nurse or some other experienced person in the road. he admitted he live the room and the judge, almost like a directed verdict, if you find he left the room, left him on alone, you have to find this.
12:23 pm
>>shepard: he bought four gallons of propofol. >>randy: they have to proof how and when it governor into his body. they have not proven it. >>shepard: do you think the jury will say they didn't prove how and where. >>randy: one might. >>shepard: one is enough. >>arthur: for a hung jury. and of course they will retry. >>shepard: we will probably know today. >>arthur: they can deliberate a little longer so they can contemplate a book deal. >>randy: he should be convicted based on the jury charge. >>shepard: we do not discuss the jury because they are out for money and cops are bad. >>arthur: that was randy's idea. this were 49, 49 witnesses. the trial was five weeks.
12:24 pm
there is stuff for them to talk about randy, it is not like this was a two winded think, either you believe she saw the guy or he didn't. >>shepard: is he responsible for the death, arthur? rain criminally or civilly? >>arthur: yes. >>shepard: he wanted the propofol and he went to the doctors and doctors said no but dr. conrad murray said for $150,000 a month i will do this. >>randy: but he never got the money. and reasonable doubt to the question you put. you have to make a life altering decision, do you have enough information? on this record, would you have enough information? >>shepard: or just call your girlfriend. >>arthur: if dr. conrad murray did not exist in michael jackson's life he would be alive now. >>shepard: we will know soon enough what the jury has to do and we will have you guys back here to yell at each other.
12:25 pm
>>arthur: i predicted the verdict would come in sex -- six hours after it went to the jury. >>shepard: new developments in the stand off with iran, and there is reportedly growing concern among senior u.s. military leaders that the israelis are gearing up for some sort of airstrike on iran's nuclear facility. chiefly, the centerpiece of their program, that react site. it would be quite difficult but folks at the pentagon worried that any israel strike would only push iran's program further underground which would make it more difficult to monitor than it already is. jennifer is at the pentagon. how rally is this concern? how serious are the reports? >>reporter: very. one official tells me and this is someone involved in national security discussions on the issue, tells me that if israel decides to go it alones send the war lens to iran, that u.s. war
12:26 pm
lanes would not stop them, and defense minister of israel has been at the pentagon recently and the pentagon source said the u.s. is concerned because about six months ago, israeli prime pe minister binyamin netanyahu purged the military of generals who did not support a strike on iran and the u.s. has heard that netanyahu's wife is pushing him to act. u.s. queens officials don't rule out this is a bluff ahead of the iaea report on iran's nuclear program, and israel would like to have stronger sanctions against iran but they also at the pentagon are not ruling out that israel could do something against iran's program. >>shepard: this is to suggest that if israel were to be doing something we would not be formed and we are not in together on this thing? >>reporter: there is no indication i have at the pentagon or among defense officials i have spoken to that there is any change in the
12:27 pm
viewpoint of the administration, the white house, or the pentagon, that they would be involved in helping israel with the strike, but, there is concern that israel would act alone. one of the reasons this was given do me is that a few months back, or a year back, the u.s. and israel were discussing cyber options tore taking out iran's nuclear program and that this was some degree of frustration that the attack on one facility was launched prematurely and that takes the cyber option off the table making a conventional strike more likely. this source says that israel has enough f-15's and f-16 fighter jets and now a refueling capability and with u.s. troops pulling out of iraq, there will be nothing to stop israel from a straight shot of about 800 miles to iran's site. >>shepard: all right, from the pentagon, jennifer, thank you.
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ex-governor jon corzine of new jersey says he is resigning as head of mf global after the historic collapse on wall street. the feds are still trying to track down the missing money. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in communities across the country, from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn to financing industries that are creating jobs in boston or providing funding for the expansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community and supporting training programs for tomorrow's workforce in los angeles. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make opportunity possible.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at bottom of the hour and type for the top of the news. former new jersey governor jon corzine has stepped down from mf global and turning down the $12 million severance check which you can not get after a bankruptcy. disasterous bets sent the company into bankruptcy in the biggest failure since the collapse of lehman brothers and it could be the largest u.s. bankruptcies, ever. the investigators say mf global is "missing," half a billion of its client's money. and, now the feds trying to figure out who used that money and whether it was used to save the company from ruin. jonathan hunt is here. for jon corzine and the company, what a fall from grace. >>jonathan: how the mighty have fallen, as an executive put it, a man who was head of goldman sachs, once a us senator
12:33 pm
and once the governor of new jersey, and now, reduced to hiring attorneys and issuing apologies. in fact, in a statement today, jon corzine said i feel great sadness for what has transpired at mf global and the impact it has had on the firm's clients, employees, and many others. it is important to note that although he has hired a very prominent attorney, he has not yet been accused of any wrongdoing. >>shepard: a serious investigation underway. >>jonathan: the senator for the missing $600 million right now, that is what the investigators will focus on, and one regulators said today or will say today in a speech that should be delivered this afternoon, a man with a commodities future trading commission, he says "no longer can we simply accept bottom line total on balance sheets. these guys need to do a tom cruise and ensure the money," a
12:34 pm
reference to a movie, the suspicion being, in all this, that mf global used that $600 million which actually belonged to their clients, to try to save themselves from bankruptcy. >>shepard: what a mess. thank you, jonathan. and now our guest on this, partner at the law firm specializing in corporate security law, white-collar criminal defense. robert was assistant regional director of the u.s. securities and exchange commission responsible for prosecuting several high profile cases. what do you make of this? what a mess. >>guest: it is. and the regulators are digging this to find out what happened to all the missing customer money. in the financial industry, most bedrock principle is firms can not use customer money to help run their business and it look like that is what mf global did. >>shepard: you have to keep the customer money with a wall between yours and the customer. >>guest: that is right the funds have to be segregated from the company's operating cash because that customer money
12:35 pm
doesn't belong to the firm, it belongs to the customers and, here, at the least we have a situation of poor accounting, poor internal controls, and no explanation, yet, that the company gave us where the money is. >>shepard: i was going do say that is a big $64 billion question. where is the money? >>guest: the regulators are focusing on following the money and when they find out what happened to the machine they will have to ask, who is responsible for the internal controls? and, if some sort of wrongdoing is found, who knew about that? did jon corzine approve of it or know about it and turn a blind eye. >>shepard: if he does that is he in trouble? >>guest: big trouble if money is used improperly that is found all indications are he was a very hand's on person at the company, if control, he made a lot of decisions so i would be surprised if he was not aware of how this money was being used. >>shepard: is there a fundamental problem that regulators were not doing their jobs properly? or that the kind of regulation
12:36 pm
that is necessary to stop this sort of thing is not to place? or what is your sense of things? >>guest: that is a big concern, another potential black eye against the s.e.c., and they had examiners at mf global to see if they had examiners, and, again, we have seen a major firm collapse amid regulation and scrutiny but no one seems to have done anything or caught it, or found out where the money was in advance. >>shepard: is the problem with the regulators? or with the rules regarding the regulation? do we need more regulation? revamped regulation? what is your sense? >>guest: the regulations clear that customer funds have to be degree grated. the regulators did not do their job in following up and finding out where the money was. >>shepard: could the former senator and governor and head of this company go to jailst >>guest: that is the big danger, there is an f.b.i. investigation, a criminal investigation and jon corzine knows there is a risk here, he hired one of the most prominent white-collar defense lawyers in the country to represent him so there is a risk there.
12:37 pm
>>shepard: it is, really, hard to believe how quickly this has happened and how big this thing is. thank you, robert heim, corporate and security law. thank you. crazy new details concerning last month's animal rampage in rural ohio. it was awful but something else to look at and several deputies report they had to shoot some of the animals because the animals were "charging" them. one deputy shot a black bear that was 7' away from attacking him and 50 another shot a lion that was charging at him on i-70. authorities ended up killing 48 of the animals and including tigers and monkeys and crewed caught some of the animals alive and the owner killed himself after the animals were set free from the farm outside columbus, and there is mounting speculation that one was charging at him because he got a bite after him when he was dead
12:38 pm
and herman cain's political organization is underdeveloped at best. and he has been ignoring early voting states like iowa and he is dealing with the fallout from the sexual harassment claims and, yes, a new poll shows herman cain is more popular with republicans than ever. fox news sunday host chris wallace with us and we will ask him what is going on in the g.o.p. primary. what's better than gold ?
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>>shepard: fox news is america's election headquarters. eight weeks until the iowa caucus but no clear front runner for the g.o.p. race for president. as we have reported the latest "washington post" and abc poll has herman cain and romney neck and neck but a separate poll suggested romney has the best chance to beat obama. and chris wallace is us with, like in washington, dc.
12:42 pm
i don't understand this stuff. i don't understand how a man with no organization in iowa and new hampshire can do anything but apparently he can. >>chris: talking about herman cain? let's see if he does well, because it is one thing when somebody calls you at home and says who would you support in the iowa caucus and you would say well, i like herman cain but it is different, i've been out there, since 1980, and it is a cold day in january, it is january 3rd, snow on the ground, and winds will be whipping and you have to go to a church basement or a school gym and it is not even like regular election where you go and hit the lever and go home you have to stay for a couple of hours and declare who you are for, it may be that herman cain can defy the laws of political gravity but up until this point you have to identify your voters help them get there, and be able to were what the kids if you have
12:43 pm
kids at home. i have my doubts whether, when caucus day comes unless he is able to put together a field organization, he will be able to prevail. >>shepard: there is not a field organization now from what i am able to discern. and then this is romney, and the elephant in the room is, conservatives have a bad taste in their mouth for mitt romney. that is the e-mails i guess and surveys show. >>guest: the surveys. the fact is romney has had a ceiling of about 25 to 30 percent and he is getting, and he has a base, a quarter of the electorate for him but despite the ups and downs of donald trump and michele bachmann and rick perry and now herman cain, he can't get over that. so, there is at least three quarters of the electorate and accident percent of the electorate looking and for another alternative. that does not mean he will win and, frankly, he is the frontrunner, but there is no
12:44 pm
great enthusiasm. >>shepard: is there analysis which can give him a clue, chris, if, in the absence of herman cain, does the votes go back to rick perry? or who gets the right wing vote? >>chris: good question. some people would say gingrich. >>shepard: his numbers are going up. >>chris: they are going up. michele bachmann will try to be the alternate. and, look, we need to emphasize, nothing has been proven against herman cain. these are only allegations. it never went to work. so he may do just fine and survive all of this, but, to take the remiss of your question, if he falters there are probably three people: gingrich, rick perry, who is trying to reintroduce himself, we interviewed him on fund and he did well, and michele bachmann. >>shepard: there is a lot of
12:45 pm
infighting, shooting in the tent, and the herman cain campaign throwing darts right at the rick perry campaign sitting right there on set where you are, and it was astounding to watch and i wonder if it will come back when president obama is running against one of them. >>chris: sure, that is why people are saying, well, president obama must be loving this. i don't think is. i think they would like to see cain stay up this. i think they would like to see this republican race go on as long as possible, as expensive as possible, as mean as possible, because, obviously, while the republicans are focusing as you say shooting at each other inside the tent, president obama is raising tens of millions and can, will face a weaker, softer opponent. if, just again, if, romney, say, cain falters and romney wins iowa and wednesday new hampshire and is the nominee, by the end of january, that is not good for president obama. he doesn't want to face a strong basically untouched mitt romney
12:46 pm
starting the first of february. were someship what -- >>shepard: what is going on, on sunday? >>chris: we will interview ron paul in washington, dc, and two members of the group of 100, 100 members of congress. there you see them, and it is interesting, a lot of us thing of the democratic congressman from north carolina and i think of him as the first round draft choice of the washington redskins, and mike simpson, i don't foe his history playing football, whether he was a high draft choice but they are members of a group of 100 that led to the super committee and said make a deal, spending cuts, tax increases, make a big deal, and make it a big deal and $4 trillion. >>shepard: alabama or lsu? >>chris: i prepared for this. it won't be ole miss. ole miss is -- i went to harvard
12:47 pm
university, the football power. okay, alabama. >>shepard: i alabama by 17. i am thinking alabama by 17, them move that lsu defensive front and that will be behalfed. >>chris: the 20s are both pretty good. >>shepard: i don't want to see either one of them, alabama ripped us apart and spit us up. maybe i boater follow the basketball team. it will get better, chris. >>chris: it always does. >>shepard: great to see you, pal. >>chris: we will hope for the good sunday. that is what i count on. >>shepard: look forward to that. we are learning more about the woman would claims justin beiber had sex with her and fathered her child when he was 16. 16. that is rape territory, there, mama, be careful. and these com,
12:48 pm
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>> and the woman who filed a suit about justin beiber being the father of her baby, could be in trouble her sell. the problem; he was 16. can you see that on his understated "star," magazine cover. they wanted him to take a test and pay her more than $250,000 in child support, and this morning on nbc's today show, he denied it was he. >> i would like to say, that the allegations are true, and i know that i'm going to be a target
12:52 pm
for a number but i will never be a victim. >>shepard: she claims he was 16 and sex with a 16-year-old is against the law in state of california. and the police commander said the department would investigate st.tory rape accusations if someone reports a sex crime but so far, no one has done this. this is all a bunch of talk. traits is live on the west coast. what else do we know of this accuser. >>trace: her name is mariah and she lives with her mom in san diego where she is from and she dropped out of high school when she was a junior and collects about $500 per month in welfare and makes $125 a month working odd jobs, but she is some $25,000 plus in debt because of having the baby. now, she lived in las vegas for a few years where she reportedly was arrested for slapping a man allegedly and she leaded not guilty to that and this case was
12:53 pm
continued and she appears december 12, which is throw days before justin beiber is supposed to appear san diego court to address the pa americanty -- paternity. >>shepard: believers are threatening her? >>trace: they are not happy, so, that is why she now says she is keeping a low are file and not giving out anymore pictures of herself, and she has locked her myspace page and taken down twitter but someone still tweets under her name. and look at these online threats from the believers, one saying and i quote, "roses red, violets blue, stay away from beiber, or i'll kill you." or we'll kill you, the believers. next "if this mariah story is true i will throw myself out my bedroomed window and beat myself to death." on the fox report we hope to
12:54 pm
talk to the aunt of the woman. that should be fascinating. >>shepard: beat myself to death with my own limbs. well, i just learned that people would like justin beiber or "believers." well, this is just weird. >>randy: she was going to beat herself after she threw herself out the window? that doesn't make sense. >>shepard: back stage last year, bathroom, beiber knock add chick up and now she had a baby and it is his and she wants a paternity test. >>arthur: come on, man! >>randy: are you kidding. >>arthur: it is so believable. >>randy: someone might want to clue her in, before you say that. check the laws. >>arthur: randy, the woman gets $500 a month.
12:55 pm
>>shepard: trace said that. >>arthur: now she is looking at a guy if he is the father, her and her child will be set for life. she is 19. worse case, she has to do three months in jail. >>randy: we talked about lotting the woman with the fake what's better than gold ?
12:56 pm
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>>shepard: six astronauts finished a mock voyage to mars. they climbed into windowless machines last year and spent more than 500 days in what scientists think it would be like to fly to the candidate. they ate food from cans and occasionally talked to love ones over the internet and today they were all smiles, and organizers were quick to knowledge this $15 million experiment went better than the similar trip back in 2000 when they got into drunken fistfights. that's it. that is it for "studio b," back tonight, for the fox report


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